Just a little doughnut

…can make me verrry happy. 😉

56 of 365

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Sugar Mini Doughnuts!

Why must all tasty things be so bad for you? : [ Well, these are a little better than real doughnuts. Almost fat-free, vegan, whole-wheat flour, etc. etc. Guilt-free! 😀

These were just lovely. I’ve had a hard time of it making doughnuts, as it always feels so wrong to fry things, so I tried baking these. Without a doughnut pan. Yeahhh I’d recommend getting one…

And for lunch:

57 of 365

Eggless Salad

One of my favorite things used to be egg salad. The satisfying crunch of celery, a little sweetness of pickle relish, and the lovely creaminess of mayonnaise. However, 99.9% of egg salad is meat or dairy products, so it kind of eliminates that dish for vegans. However, substitute in a little crumbled tofu, some nutritional yeast, a bunch of pepper, and some turmeric, and you’ve got a pretty sweet eggless salad that could walk circles around the original. I never did like that eggy flavor, anyway.


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