A lonely little blog

So I’ve had a really busy spring. The end of finals were hitting hard, I decided to go out and get a puppy, and then this catering event I’m organizing/catering has been eating me aliiiive.! So yeah. I sincerely apologize it has taken me so long to post something, anything! I did cook vegan things over the last couple months, I just didn’t have any time to post them. : P So, I’ll be doing a bit of catch-up! Annd now my blog is lonely no more. 😉


52 of 365

Beauuutiful gluten-free vegan blueberry Mother’s Day muffins. ❤

Just the right hints of ooey gooey blueberries, but moist and soft and they had a perfect crackly-sugar top. I’ve never worked with a gluten-free blend of flour before, but these turned out great!

53 of 365

Just another dinner.. baked sweet potatoes with a vegetable stir-fry on the side. Mom cut up the most adorable little chard stems which then looked like stars. ^_^ Food cuteness!


Will post more later! I’m cooking a lot of things (keyword: unhealthy and most certainly NOT vegan) for the GB to prep, so those things don’t make it on the blog, haha. But there will be veganized versions soon…


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