I like to spell doughnuts like, well…doughnuts. Not the americanized version of “donuts.” Americans ruin everything.

Anyways, I kinda adore these little round sweet bagel-shaped things of deliciousness, but they’re so dreadfully unhealthy! Sooo baking them is the obvious answer, but I didn’t have any doughnut pans.

Enter the supreme land of cooking majesticness, Sur La Table!


Yeah, that place is amazing. I picked up a mini doughnut pan and a regular doughnut pan, and armed with a chocolate-chip doughnut recipe, I trekked onward!


I absolutely adored this recipe – it was deliciously moist and not-cakey because of the yogurt and squished banana, but yummy and chocolately and not at all muffin-y. Enough -y’s for ya? 😉


I tweaked the recipe to be mostly vegan, besides the yogurt. We fornis are actually vegurtquariums, hehe. xD We eat mostly vegan, but enjoy a little fish now and then for B12 and yogurt for the probiotics. Sooooooooo we’re some conglomeration of vegan.

Anyways, the recipe called for 2 eggs so I threw in 2 flax eggs instead, and it still came out nice! I love it when it does that. ^_^


Oh, and my awesome new doughnut pans:


Can’t forget the doggies! They wanted a doughnut too.


Until next time! Let me know if you want the recipe. 🙂


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