hello again.

I decided to jump back into blogging, mostly because I’m only taking six units this semester (I was BURNED OUT at 19 1/2 last fall, thankyouverymuch), and I kinda have oodles of time to take zillions of pix, cook things, and write about it…………… Yeah, this just shows you how obsessed I am with food in general – I stepped off a plane in SfO on Tuesday, and was I excited to see my family? Well, most definitely. =) But I was SO EXCITED about getting back into my kitchen!! And cooking things!! ahhhhh it’s been a pretty awesome 3 days of being home so far. 😉 All the pots and pans and spatulas were rather rudely awakened from their mini-vacay. xP


Yesterday was Pi Day, so of course I had to make pies! But I wanted to do a different take on them, because….pies are boring. So I made Vegan Shepherd’s Pie, and for dessert, baked apples wrapped in pastry. I think Pi Day should come around more often.


IMG_1901 IMG_1903

Inside the mini shepherd’s pies were brown lentils, garlic, red onion, parsnips, celery, and a whole host of other veggies. Pretty much a look-in-the-fridge-and-chuck kind of thing.


The pan gravy to make it all into creamy delishimishimooness


So I kind of adore the flavor of yukon gold potatoes, btw.


Finished product! Brown lentil and veggie mixture on the bottom, with creamy gravy mixed in, and bruleed garlic mashed potatoes on top!


Soo there comes a time in life when apple pie gets boring, right? So I took an apple, cored it, and filled the center with a sort of crumble topping – oats, coconut sugar, earth balance, cinnamon, etc. Then I wrapped dough around the apple, encasing the center. Baked it for 30 minuts, and voila! It’s like an apple pie, but personal-sized and six times yummier.


Tomorrow: vegan bolognese.


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