And now for something completely different..

Who ever knew that with only 5 ingredients, you could make superb cookies? And, to make it even more awesome, cookies that are [dare I say it?] healthyyy….?? Yeah. I didn’t think so, until I tried this recipe.

58 of 365

Cookie dough bites/bonbons/delicious little balls of heavenlyness

So get this. These are grain-free (flour-free), added-fat free, white sugar free, shall I go on? My sis would be proud of me….

But the cool thing is… they don’t taste like healthy cookies. They taste like perfect little cookie bites of gooeyness.

59 of 365

Green pea fried rice with Asian Tofu Meatballs

There’s something about fried rice that is just so comforting. But y’know, it has eggs and pork in it….. which kinda ruins the whole experience. So instead of throwing in some eggs, try adding miso and soy for flavor, and peas or edamame, shredded carrots and a little parsley for texture.

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love meatballs. My Granny had the best recipe. ever. I used to camp out by the crockpot with my fistful of toothpicks and just munch away for hours….

Anyways, the fried rice was calling for a little protein so I took some tofu, bread crumbs, lovely sauteed onion and garlic, spices, etc. and threw it all together to make a little tofu-ball. Basted in the oven with soy sauce and ginger, it was prettty delish. 🙂


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