Catching up!

Whoo, things have been busy in my life lately.

Need. to. keep. cooking. for. this. blog.

Usually that’s not a problem, but lately I’ve just been swamped.!


Anyways, here are the latest 2….


51 of 365

Roasted YG potatoes with Japanese sweet potatoes, seasoned with rosemary, lemon, garlic.


Japanese sweet pots. are really, really good. Kinda interesting, more like a cross between a regular sweet potato and a turnip.

52 of 365

It was late, we were having soup for dinner, and I wanted breaaaddd. Who doesn’t? So instead of getting mad at yeast for taking so long to rise, I simply made soda bread. Not that kind of soda, but baking soda..duh. : P It whips up pretty fast, bakes in 30 minutes, and you get a lovely, crusty, loaf of homemade bread. Everyone wins!


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