Of Waffles and Veganism

There are two types of vegans in this world – those that eat that way for health reasons, and those that eat that way “supposedly” to be healthy. The former eat great – grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes. The latter…………. well, let’s just say they miss their Mac n’ cheese a lot, so they try and come up with a LOT of substitutes.

I’m in the latter category.

Today’s brunch was a prime example.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles.


I went there.

Yummy delicious (whole-grain, heyyy I wasn’t all bad. :D) waffles with a buttery-cinnamon sauce and a creamy frosting.

Except apparently I can’t make waffles or something, because it took me forEVER to stop them from separating down the middle. >:[

*Attempt 1

*Attempt 2

[getting there]

*Attempt 3. Finallyyy, beautimous goldeny waffles. ❤

[Vegan] Buttery-cinnamon sauce, yum.

You know, it’s kind of awesome being a vegan. A lot of people harp on it and say, “you’ll never eat anything that tastes good everrr again!!”, etc. etc.

Oh really.

Evidently they haven’t had Cinnamon Roll Waffles.

50 of 365


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