49 of 365

Now comes that dreaded time of year

Sadistic neighbors reappear.

With squashes laden, how they flaunt them

I protest loudly; I do not want them!

They fathom not. (How can this meanie

Fail to savor our zucchini?

What motivates this ingrate neighbor

To spurn the products of our labor?)

Squashes aren’t eaten, sad to say;

They’re only grown to give away.

-Bob Wombacher, Jr.

Except Kabocha squash! Round, cute little things; they have a taste similar to yams, but with a nuttier, deeper flavor.

Roasted Kabocha Squash with an Orange-honey Glaze.

Broccoli salad, dressing made [vegan] by the miraculous magic of tofu! Little wonder-stuff.

Follow me! I’d also love to hear any suggestions for future recipes-in-the-works… hey, maybe you’ll get mentioned. 😉


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